Who We Are

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio


Design, Image and Graphics, Communication

Dreamer and visionary Product Designer, with training as an electronic expert and a passion for drawing, he graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan, with a thesis on a reader of brain waves for virtual reality. Moving away from the classic vision of the designer, he spends a year in a Physical Computing research and development laboratory, where he works on robotics, rapid prototyping and interaction design projects.

In this laboratory we experimented with the way of making "sensitive" and "intelligent" products that by their nature should not have been, to improve the quality and perception that people would have of the final products. In this context, he acquires know-how regarding Arduino programming, use of sensors and 3D printing. These, combined with 3D modeling, electronics, design and graphics, are useful in the creation of Robar V1 and V0, from the initial concept phase, to the development of the coordinated image and logo, to actual production.

Always looking for new ideas for the improvement of Robar V0, today he is also involved with the engineer in the management part of the company, the website and social content as a photographer and video maker.

Alessandro Marseglia

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio


Robotics, Programming and Interface, Software Development

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, with mechatronics and robotics specialization, with a thesis on the development of a new metal printing technology then patented, dealing with the handling and management of the extruder. He begins to come into contact with the world of robotics in the company in which he has just been hired, Lesta srl. This deals with industrial painting and has as its client the best known Luxottica, for which it develops a new machine for painting glasses.

Following the project from the beginning he passes from being the person in charge of the painting robot, Fanuc for the first island, to the person who will then follow all the software development related to the machine and the installations of the subsequent ones. In total it installs 5 machines, of which the following 4 with ABB robots, Yumi. During this work experience he acquires new skills which, in addition to the technical ones, range from the management of the work group in the installation phases to the management of important projects independently, at the software level. In addition to these, he learns to program industrial PLCs (Beckhoff), user interfaces (Visual basic and C #) and robots, specifically Fanuc, used in the first island, ABB, used in the next 4 and Kuka, with which Lesta srl ​​is a partner. .

In addition to the software experience, having Luxottica installations behind it, he acquires both mechanical and electrical skills. Although not considered as an electrician, he is able to manage the wiring of signals and their management in complete autonomy. This will allow him to wire, without external help, the first project of the Robotic Lounge.

Luigi Lorusso

Alessandro "Tama" Froiio

Luigi Lorusso


Machinery, Machining and Mechanics, Customer research

Mechanic with a passion for the world of the night, he worked in various environments, always in contact with key figures from which he managed to capture the experience, making his way in various companies, climbing the ranks and becoming a department manager at the age of 25 years. The work experience began for him at the age of 17 in a small mechanical workshop and then he got to work in a world-class SPA where, in addition to having learned a lot on a mechanical level, he managed to add problem solving and a very skilled collaboration with his team, reaching the role of foreman.

His greatest passion remains mechanics even if nightlife has always attracted him, also for this reason he collaborates in various situations in contact with the best clubs in Milan. Being able in this way to bring to the company both mechanical skills and various contacts with DJs and renowned venues of the Milanese nightlife.


The History of Robotic Lounge

The history of this company was born long before it. Everything starts from a friendship, consolidated over the years, in which each of us has taken different paths, which have led him to develop diversified skills. Despite this, the consolidated relationship allowed a continuous meeting for the usual "chat at the bar". In one of these chats, fueled by a continuous search for stimuli and new experiences to try, what seems like a crazy idea was born. The idea of ​​bringing robotics, relegated to the industrial world, in everyday life. The idea of ​​making a company around this concept, and of develop what would later become Robar V1.

We immediately realized how our skills, which seemed so different and far from each other, were instead all useful, and more than enough, for the development of this ambitious project. Furthermore, being so diversified, they went perfectly together to make it possible. Here we are then, in May 2017, with a small dream in the drawer, a white sheet and a lot of work to do. Despite the commitments of our work every evening, for the next 16 months, we met to develop the project. Our skills have allowed us to design, down to the details, what Robar was for us, currently Robar V1. In the end we had managed, at least on paper, to develop an ambitious project. Now there was nothing left to do but find the funding to complete it.

Unfortunately, in a country like ours, this is easier said than done. We constantly heard ourselves repeating phrases like "you don't have enough experience to make it happen", "beautiful but from as alone as you will "," we need a physical machine before investing "and so on. In short, the world of Italian investors did not seem ready to believe in a challenge to entrepreneurship launched by three young people from their country.

The project therefore saw a setback, due to the lack of funds to carry it out. Despite this, we did not give up, the desire to fight, at least that, we never missed. After the summer, we therefore decided to offer ourselves directly to customers and we faced a problemhuge.

What seemed like a brilliant idea ready to revolutionize the local market hardly entered them and, where it could enter, customers still wanted to see it realized. In addition, more and more people were reluctant to introduce a fully automatic barman as it was immediately linked to the possible associated job loss.

So, given these problems, we asked ourselves: how could we solve them, and be able to build, by ourselves, a machine that can be shown to customers?

In November 2018 the idea came, later called Robar V0. A barman's aid, much more compact than its V1 progenitor and with a much more accessible cost, both in terms of production and sales. We started from scratch, with a new blank sheet, and we rolled up our sleeves. Given the design experience and the solutions sought for Robar V1, this design phase was much leaner and faster. So, in February 2019, we had, on paper, what Robar V0 would have been. The investment was sustainable and we could have saved ourselves from asking for financial help which would have translated into the usual lack of trust. In addition, we were keen to demonstrate that we would make it anyway, despite all the difficulties found.

So we made the first contacts with the robot manufacturing factory, ABB, which however was not the bearer of good news. To have the coveted robot needed 3 months. Our perseverance, and knowledge of the reliability of robots and the ongoing economic crisis, led us to evaluate the second-hand market. Unfortunately, even these do not bring good news. The only robot present, which reflected our needs, was in Germany. More precisely, near the town of Marl, ten hours by car from our Milan, in short, not really a pleasure walk to go and see a robot. But, as they say, fate helps the daring.

Fate that, in the specific case, is revealed in the form of a work urgency of the company of which, at the time, our engineer was part. Who, made aware of this urgency, in Germany about 30 minutes from Marl, immediately proposes himself as the candidate to solve this problem. Two days later, with a short stop near Marl, the Robotic Lounge had found its robot working and immediately available.

However, although our determination was unshakable, such a large step brings with it doubts and uncertainties. These made us wait until the end of March 2019, the month of opportunity. This opportunity which, once again, comes in the form of a "bar chat", this time the interlocutors are a partner and a friend of hers, whom they haven't seen for some time. And so they begin to tell each other what they are doing, and the topic takes the form of our robotic barman.

The fortunate coincidence of the events means that the friend in question is one of the organizers of "Seed and Chips", the world food and beverage fair, which that year would take place in Milan in May. The next day, the same friend, called the partner in question to warn him that, if the company had wanted, he would have already obtained a place, completely free, at the fair. The answer could only be a "Yes", screamed out loud. Now there was nothing left to do but found the company and build the car, all in April. Yet another crazy and unrealistic endeavor, realistically speaking, fortunately that none of us are one to "realistically speaking".

A week later we had signed the contract that made our dream real, we had a company. But the time for the celebrations was very short and we certainly could not wait. The day after the contract was signed, we went to the bank to open the account.

Finally a little rest, more than necessary since, the next day, we were preparing to travel the 1000 km that separated us from our robot. We left at 8 in the evening, after a journey that cut through Europe, we found ourselves in Marl, at 8 in the morning, with an appointment to view the robot and a hotel room for one night. Departed in three, the return journey was faced in 4, with the company of our new robotic friend, who we decided to call Alfred.

The following month was marked by great haste, double jobs and a decidedly insufficient number of hours of sleep. The result, in April, was the presentation to the general public of the fair of our machine, Robar V0. Immediately after the fair, we engaged in a complete reconstruction of the robot, necessary because of the problems encountered in the operational phase. Together with this phase, thanks also to the support of a professional barman, we managed to create the incredible cocktails that are now served by our Alfred. This was the interlude at our first meeting with customers, which occurred in the case in point with Puccia’s Brother.

Here the real presentation to the public of the product, with a very positive although not numerous response. From this experience we learned and we realized, firsthand, the problems facing the bars, at the management level. Hence the machine, which initially produced only cocktails, has become a complete bar manager. Control of the quantity paid, waste and costs have become the winning card of the Robotic Lounge.

Now the V0 product is marketable and rentable on the market and we are continuing to develop all the other products.