Robotic Lounge Skills

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In this page we will evaluate what are the characteristics that this company makes available to a possible customer or investor.

The Robar V0 product is the first of these features. In addition to being an innovative product and which, as previously said, solves many of the problems facing our customers, it is also a demonstration of the skills and competences of the Robotic Lounge. In fact, it shows how this company is able, in complete autonomy, to complete ambitious and innovative projects, starting only from an idea. This is how the company was born and this is a gift it brings.

The company does not stop at the Robar V0 project only, but has the intention and ideas necessary to develop other projects of a similar nature (plug-in Robar V0, Robar V1) or of a completely different nature. These projects can be both individual requests from customers and new ideas that arise within the company, and can vary on a number of topics, which have as their guiding thread that of technological innovation. It is not difficult to imagine how all this can be accomplished, given that as of now, the company has at its disposal skills that, starting from the mechanics as well, pass through the design, reaching the software development on all existing platforms.

Let's summarize them briefly:

  • Development of innovative solutions
  • Mechanical development of projects
  • Graphic development of projects, with the possibility of 3D rendering
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D printing, medium to small size for prototype development
  • Windows, Android, IOS based software development
  • PLC development (Beckhoff, Siemens)
  • Development on industrial robot (ABB, Kuka, Fanuc)

This is only a short list, which at the time of reading this business plan, will already be old and not complete, given the continuous development of internal skills. Furthermore, the young age of the founders suggests that this list is set to expand further in the years to come.


V1: What, How and Why



Robar is a bartender able to satisfy the needs of every customer thanks to his list of over 20 different type of cocktails. Changing the combinations of spirits and syrups, the list will always be in expansion, with the machine linked to our databases for updatings. 

Every cocktail is made following tested and approved recipes from international bartenders.


 Bored of queues and to wait 20 minutes in a crowd of people that just want to have their  drink before you do? Robar is the solution!

Thanks to the handling of orders and the app it is possible to get your cocktail with a simple click. The system will manage the internal queue and will inform the customer  just when the cocktail is ready to be done.

In the meantime you can enjoy your time and have fun with your friends.


Once the customer has confirmed his presence in front of the machine, the order will be managed by the robot that will prepare a maximum of 12 different cocktails, in just 6 minutes or less, from the empty glass to the pick-up from customers. Spectacularity and taste always granted.


Other than the 10 bottles in the front at the bartender’s disposal, the machine has a  stocking system that allows to place 100 bottles in the back to feed the machine. This lead to an autonomy of 5 hours without any human help. Moreover it can notice when it's going to run out of bottles, glasses, fruit or whatever is needed. This way it can advice the manager, so he can set up the refill in the right way and time. This can make the bar open  24/7. 

In the back, it will be stocking all the needs for the preparation of the cocktails, including an automatic system for the ice production. The access to the back is just for the operator who will fill the machine. Due to the high automation level of this machine, the operator will be formed and the process will be semplified to make  the fillling operation very easy and for everyone.

Robar can work in every kind of environment that can hold a crowd of people, both open or closed, summer or winter, always at top. 

Futuristic Lounge Vision


Here "The Robotic Lounge V1", that is made to be impeccable in every situation, always elegant and accurate, in all stages of a cocktail's preparation.

Spectacular as effincient in working for long periods. With 144 cocktails per hour rythm, it's able to meet the need of a huge group of customer for a long amount of time, potentialy endless.  Thanks to his isolation from the outside environment and his internal cleaning system, it's ideal even in situation with low igene levels.  


Made to satisfy the need of a large amount of people in discos, events and concert, with the app handling of the queue of customers, it will be able to manage all kinds of orders without any problems. Putted aside the bartenders, will make their job easier and less stressfull.

It is made by two robotic arms, in a cilindric and sterile enviroment, with a stocking, moving and production system of everything it is needed, just to serve to the customers a top drink. Inside the sterile volume the robotic arm work over a rotation table and, thanks to the clamping hands, it is able to handle all kinds of bottles, serving over 20+ different types of cocktail present in the list, always in expansion.


You can order from both the touch-screen on the side of the machine or via our smartphone app. In order to be served you will need to prove your age with a ID card, linking the ID card to the personal profile, putting the card into the machine, like cigarettes. In closed working enviroments this system can be disabled.

For payment we can take cash but even digital currency, like cards or bitcoin, that are preferred. You can charge your credit on the app and in this case you can have discounts and "Cocktails Pack" that you can share with your friends.

Thanks to digital orders the client will always know when his cocktail is ready, so he will enjoy  his time instead of waiting in a crowded queue, and when it's time, he'll just walk to his trusted barman.