Robotic Lounge s.r.l is a new reality born from the bet of three young italian men,  challenging themselves to design a semi-humanoid robotic barman, that is able to produce long and soft drinks. A pro bartender, born to produce drinks of top quality, with efficiency and sterility. 

Here born "The Robotic Lounge Project" that include two version of our vision: V1 that is a complete barteder, able to produce a big amount of drink for a long time, autonomously; and V0, that is born to help bartenders all over the world and can be fitted in a lot of places, thank to his compact dimensions and the complete customization.


Robar V.0


Come, Cosa e Perché



VZero is born from the idea of complementing all professional bartenders with a machine able of helping them in their job. Designed to always be at the maximum efficiency and ready to work, satisfying the tastes of all customers.

Elegant, spectacular and with minimal impact on spaces, it will become your trusted right-hand man.


By supporting the barman with this machine, which has an average of 120 cocktails per hour, a team is created, capable of facing the most thirsty crowds. In the quieter moments, on the other hand, it lightens his workload, leaving him more time to interact with the customer and the chance to let him make the most imaginative and elaborate cocktails. Thanks to the management of orders, deciding what to do with Vzero will be very simple. Human and Robot working in synergy.


Our recipes are proven by international bartenders and by those who have welcomed Vzero in their club. In addition to the standards we offer, there is the possibility to create and modify the composition of individual cocktails, thanks to the simplified interface.


Thanks to its compact size, Vzero can be mounted on counters with standard or customized widths. At the time of signing the contract, our representatives will come on the spot to take some measures and choose the customization package between our wide range of materials, lights and finishes.

Robar V0 can fit in every kind of environment adapting himself to the style of the place. Can be putted in both elegant or casual environments, will always satisfy the eye and the thirst of course. 

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